Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Israeli Victims of Terror - Our Hearts Cry Out

Year: 1929 August 23, 1929 Hebron Massacre: Arab rioters killed 67 Jews in Hebron . Many of the dead were dismembered. Many incidents of rape were reported. Numerous homes were burned. The remaining Jewish community of Hebron fled to Jerusalem .   1936 April 19, 1936 Jaffa Massacre: Arab rioters attacked Jaffa and killed 16 Jews.   1972 Sept 5, 1972 Munich Massacre: Palestinian terrorists killed 11 Israeli athletes and one German policeman in a dormitory of the Munich Olympic Games.   1974 May 15, 1974 Maalot Massacre: 22 children and several adults were killed (66 children were wounded) in the Maalot Massacre, perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.   1979 April 22, 1979 Dani Haran Eliyahu Shahar Four members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorists infiltrated Israel from Lebanon and killed Dani Haran, his two daughters, and policeman Eliyahu Shahar.   1986 April 17, 1986 Nizar al-Hindawi fails in his attempt to smuggle a semtex bomb, carried by his five month pregnant fiancĂ©e Ann-Marie Doreen Murphy, onto a passenger airliner traveling from London to Tel Aviv.   August 3, 1986 Yaron Chen, a Tsahal soldier Yaron was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists while hitch-hiking back home. His body was later found in the burnt truck.   1993 Sept 24, 1993  Yigal Vaknin, of Basra Yigal was stabbed to death in an orchard near the trailer home where he lived near the village of Basra . A squad of the HAMAS's Iz a-Din al Kassam claimed responsibility for the attack.             Oct 9, 1993     Dror Forer Aran Bachar Dror and Aran were killed by terrorists in Wadi Kelt in the Judean Desert. The Popular Front and the Islamic Jihad 'Al-Aqsa Squads' each publicly claimed responsibility.             Oct 24, 1993   Two IDF soldiers; Ehud Rot, Staff Sgt. (res.), age 35 Sgt. Ilan Levi, age 23 Ehud and Ilan were killed by a HAMAS Iz a-Din al Kassam squad. The two entered a Subaru with Israeli license plates outside a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip, whose passengers were apparently terrorists disguised as Israelis. Following a brief struggle, the soldiers were shot at close range and killed. Hamas publicly claimed responsibility for the attack.             Oct 29, 1993   Chaim Mizrahi, resident of Beit-El Chaim was kidnapped by three terrorists from a poultry farm near Ramallah. He was killed and his body burned. Three Fatah members were convicted of the murder on July 27, 1994.             Nov 7, 1993    Efraim Ayubi of Kfar Darom Efraim was working as Rabbi Chaim Druckman's personal driver when he was shot to death by terrorists near Hebron . HAMAS publicly claimed responsibility for the murder.             Nov 9, 1993    | Salman 'Id el-Hawashla, age 38, Salman, an Israeli Bedouin of the Abu Rekaik tribe, driving a car with Israeli plates, was killed by three armed men driving a truck hijacked from the Gaza municipality, in a deliberate head-on collision.             Nov 17, 1993  Sgt. 1st Cl. Chaim Darina, age 37 Chaim was stabbed by a Gazan terrorist while seated at the cafeteria at the Nahal Oz road block at the entrance to the Gaza Strip. The perpetrator was apprehended. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the murder.             Dec 1, 1993    Shalva Ozana, age 23 Yitzhak Weinstock, age 19 Shalva and Yitzak were shot to death by terrorists from a moving vehicle, while parked on the side of the road to Ramallah because of engine trouble. Weinstock died of his wounds the following morning. Iz a-Din al Kassam claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that it was carried out in retaliation for the killing by Israeli forces of Imad Akel, a wanted HAMAS leader in Gaza .             Dec 5, 1993     David Mashrati David, a reserve soldier, was shot and killed by a terrorist attempting to board a bus on route 641 at the Holon junction. The Islamic Jihad Shekaki group claimed responsibility for the attack.             Dec 6, 1993     Mordechai Lapid Shalom Lapid, age 19, (Mordechai’s son) Mordechai and his son Shalom (Peace) were shot to death by terrorists near Hebron . HAMAS publicly claimed responsibility for the attack.             Dec 22, 1993   Eliahu Levin Meir Mendelovitch Eliahu and Meir were killed by shots fired at their car from a passing vehicle in the Ramallah area. HAMAS claimed responsibility.             Dec 23, 1993   Anatoly Kolisnikov, of Ashdod Anatoly, employed as a relief watchman at a construction site in Ashdod , was stabbed to death while on duty.             Dec 24, 1993   Lieut.Col. Meir Mintz, Commander of the IDF Special Forces in the Gaza area. Meir was shot and killed by terrorists in an ambush on his jeep at the T-junction in Gaza . The HAMAS Iz a-Din al Kassam squads publicly claimed responsibility for the attack.             Dec 31, 1993   Chaim Weizman David Bizi David and Chaim were found killed in a Ramle apartment. ID cards of two Gaza residents were found in the apartment, together with a leaflet of the Popular Front 'Red Eagle' group, claiming responsibility for the murder. 1994 Jan 12, 1994    Moshe Becker, of Rishon Le-Zion Moshe was stabbed to death by three Palestinian employees while working in his orchard. The Popular Front claimed responsibility for the murder.             Jan 14, 1994    Grigory Ivanov Grigory was stabbed to death by a terrorist in the industrial zone at the Erez junction, near the Gaza Strip. HAMAS claimed responsibility for the attack.             Feb 9, 1994     Ilan Sudri Taxi driver, Ilan was kidnapped and killed while returning home from work. The Islamic Jihad Shekaki group sent a message to the news agencies claiming responsibility for the murder.             Feb 10, 1994   Naftali Sahar Naftali, a citrus grower, was killed by blows to his head. His body was found in his orchard near Kibbutz Na'an.             Feb 13, 1994   Noam Cohen, age 28 Noam, a member of the General Security Service, was shot and killed in an ambush on his car. Two of his colleagues who were also in the vehicle suffered moderate injuries. HAMAS claimed responsibility for the attack.             Feb 17, 1994   Yuval Golan Yuval was stabbed on December 29, 1993 by a terrorist near Adarim in the Hebron area, he died of his wounds on Feb 29, 1994.             Feb 19, 1994   Zipora Sasson,  of Ariel Zipora, five months pregnant, was killed on the trans-Samaria highway in an ambush by shots fired at her car. The terrorists were members of HAMAS.             Feb 25, 1994   Sam Eisenstadt, age 80 Sam was assaulted with an axe while walking in the center of Kfar Saba. Sam died of his wounds shortly afterwards.             March 23, 1994           Victor Lashchiver Victor, employed as a guard at the Income Tax offices in East Jerusalem , was shot and killed near Damascus Gate on his way to work. The Popular Front claimed responsibility for the attack.             March 29, 1994           Yitzhak Rothenberg, age 70, of Petah Tikva Yitzhak was attacked on a construction site by two residents of Khan Yunis by axe blows to the head. He died several days later of his wounds. The murderers, apprehended the next day, stated that they carried out the attack in order to clear themselves of suspected collaboration with the Israeli authorities.             March 31, 1994           Yosef Zandani, age 28, of Bnei Ayish Yosef was found killed in his apartment near Gedera. Near the body was a leaflet of the DFLP "Red Star", explaining that the murder was carried out in revenge for the shooting of one of its members by an Israeli citizen. The Israeli acted in self-defense.             April 6, 1994  First documented car bombing in Israel : Seven people were killed in a car-bomb attack on a bus in the center of Afula. HAMAS claimed responsibility for the attack.   The victims: Asher Attia, age 48, of Afula (bus driver) Vered Mordechai, age 13, of Afula Maya Elharar, age 17, of Afula Ilana Schreiber, age 45, a teacher from Kibbutz Nir David Meirav Ben-Moshe, age 16, of Afula Ayala Vahaba, age 40, a teacher from Afula Fadiya Shalabi, age 25, of Iksal Ahuva Cohen Onalla, age 37, wounded in the attack, died of her wounds on April 25.             April 7, 1994  Yishai Gadassi, age 32, of Kvutzat Yavne Yishai was shot and killed at a hitchhiking post at the Ashdod junction by a member of HAMAS. The terrorist was killed by bystanders at the scene.   April 13, 1994 Rahamim Mazgauker, age 34, of Hadera David Moyal, age 26 of Ramat Gan , an Egged mechanic Daga Perda, age 44, immigrated from Ethiopia in 1991 Bilha Butin, age 49, of Hadera Sgt. Ari Perlmutter, age 19, of Ir Ovot in the Arava All were killed in a suicide bombing attack on a bus in the central bus station of Hadera. HAMAS claimed responsibility for the attack.             April 21, 1994 Shahar Simani , age 20, of Ashkelon The body of officer cadet Simani, was found stabbed to death near the roadside at the village of Beit Hanina , north of Jerusalem . He had been kidnapped while hitchhiking in the south.             May 17, 1994  Rafael Yairi (Klumfenbert), age 36, of Kiryat Arba Margalit Ruth Shohat, age 48, of Ma'ale Levona   Rafael and Margalit were killed when their car was fired upon by by terrorists in a passing car near Beit Haggai, south of Hebron.             May 20, 1994  Staff Sgt. Moshe Bukra, age 30 Cpl. Erez Ben-Baruch, age 24 Moshe and Erez were shot dead by HAMAS terrorists at a roadblock one kilometer south of the Erez checkpoint in the Gaza Strip.             July 7, 1994     Sarit Prigal, age 17 Sarit was shot to death when terrorists opened fire from a passing car near the entrance to Kiryat Arba.             July 7, 1994 Arye Frankenthal, age 20, of Moshav Gimzo near Lod. Arye had left his base in the south the previous day, his body was found stabbed and shot near the Arab village of Kafr Akab, near Ramallah.             July 19, 1994   Lt. Guy Ovadia, age 23, of Kibbutz Yotvata. Guy was fatally wounded in an ambush near Rafiah. HAMAS took responsibility for the attack, saying it was "a response to the massacre at the Erez checkpoint".   July 23, 1994 Two Palestinian terrorists stabbed an American woman in the Old City of Jerusalem             July 25, 1994   Sgt.-Maj. Jacques Attias, age 24 Jacques, working as a border policeman, died of his wounds after being shot by Palestinian policemen during the riots at Erez checkpoint on July 17.             July 26, 1994 A car bomb exploded at the Israel Embassy in London, wounding 14 people.   Aug 2, 1994 Yoram Sakuri, age 30, of Kiryat Netafim in Samaria Yoram died of stab wounds suffered when a terrorist broke into his home on July 1st.             Aug 14, 1994 Ron Soval, age 18, of Lehavim, north of Beersheba Ron was shot to death in an ambush near Kissufim junction in the Gaza Strip. HAMAS claimed responsibility for the attack.             Aug 26, 1994   Shlomo Kapach, age 22, of Bat Yam Gil Revah, age 21, of Bat Yam Shlomo and Gil, both elevator technicians, were killed at a Ramle building site. Israel has requested the extradition of the suspected killers from the Palestinian Authority.             Sept 4, 1994    Sgt. Victor Shichman, age 24 Victor was killed at the Morag junction in the southern Gaza Strip while on patrol, from shots fired from a vehicle bearing Palestinian license plates.             Sept  1994       Natasha Ivanov, age 32, of Ashdod Natasha was strangled to death. In March 2001, a Palestinian arrested for being in Israel illegally, admitted to carrying out the murder in order to gain acceptance into a terrorist organization.             Oct 9, 1994     Ma'ayan Levy, age 19, of Zayit Samir Mugrabi, age 35, of Kafr Aka Ma'ayan, an off-duty soldier and Samir, a civilian, were killed in a terrorist attack in the Nahalat Shiva section of downtown Jerusalem . HAMAS claimed responsibility for the attack.             Oct 14, 1994   Cpl. Nahshon Wachsman, age 20 After being abducted by HAMAS, Nahshon was killed by his captors.   Oct 14, 1994 Capt. Nir Poraz, age 23 Nir was killed in the course of the unsuccessful IDF rescue operation to obtain his release.             Oct 19, 1994   21 Israelis and one Dutch national were killed in a suicide bombing attack on the No. 5 bus on Dizengoff Street in Tel-Aviv,   The victims: Haviv Tishbi, age 54, of Tel Aviv Moshe Gardinger, age 83, of Tel Aviv Pnina Rapaport, age 74, of Tel Aviv Galit Rosen, age 23, of Holon Zippora Ariel, age 64, of Tel Aviv David Lida, age 74, of Tel Aviv Puah Yedgar, age 56, of Givatayim Dalia Ashkenazi, age 62, of Tel Aviv Esther Sharon, age 21, of Lod Ofra Ben-Naim, age 33, of Lod Tamar Karlibach-Sapir, age 24, of Moshav Zafaria Shira Meroz-Kot, age 20, of Kibbutz Beit Hashita Miriam Adaf, age 54, of Sderot Anat Rosen, age 21, of Ra'anana Salah Ovadia, age 52, of Holon Eliahu Wasserman, age 66, of Bat Yam Alexandra Sapirstein, age 55, of Holon Dr. Pierre Atlas, age 56, of Kiryat Ono Ella Volkov, age 21, of Safed Ayelet Langer-Alkobi, age 26, of Kibbutz Yiron Kochava Biton, age 59, of Tel Aviv Reinier Verbiest, age 25, of the Netherlands .             Nov 11, 1994  Capt. Yehazkel Sapir, age 36, of Kfar Sava Lt. Yotam Rahat, age 31, of Tel-Aviv Capt. Elad Dror, age 24, of Kibbutz Nachson Yehazkel, Yotam, and Elad were killed at the Netzarim junction in the Gaza Strip when a Palestinian riding a bicycle detonated explosives strapped to his body. Islamic Jihad said it carried out the attack to avenge the car bomb killing of Islamic Jihad leader Hani Abed on Nov 2             Nov 19, 1994 Sgt.-Maj. Gil Dadon, age 26, of Bat Yam Gil was killed at the army post at Netzarim junction by shots fired from a passing car. HAMAS claimed responsibility for the attack.             Nov 27, 1994 Rabbi Amiran Olami, age 34, of Otniel Rabbi Amiran was killed near Beit Hagai 10 kms south of Hebron by shots fired from a passing car.             Nov 30, 1994 Sgt. Liat Gabai, age 19, of Afula, Liat was axed to death in the center of Afula.   1995 Jan 6, 1995      Ofra Felix, age 20, of Beit El, Ofra, a university student, killed when terrorists opened fire on her car north of Beit El.             Jan 22, 1995    Twenty soldiers and one civilian were killed when two consecutive bombs exploded at the Beit Lid junction near Netanya. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.   The victims: Lt. David Ben-Zino, age 20, of Ashdod Lt. Adi Rosen, age 20, of Moshav Bitzaron Lt. Yuval Tuvya, age 22, of Jerusalem Sgt.-Maj. Anan Kadur, age 24, of Daliat al-Carmel Staff-Sgt. Damian Rosovski, age 20, of Kadima Staff-Sgt. Yehiel Sharvit, age 21, of Haifa Staff-Sgt. Yaron Blum, age 20, of Jerusalem Sgt. Maya Kopstein, age 19, of Jerusalem Sgt. Daniel Tzikuashvili, age 19, of Jerusalem Sgt. Avi Salto, age 19, of Rishon Lezion Sgt. Rafael Mizrahi, age 19, of Ramat Gan Sgt. Eran Gueta, age 20, of Ashkelon Cpl. Soli Mizrahi, age 18, of Ramat Ramat Gan Cpl. David Hasson, age 18, of Ashkelon Cpl. Amir Hirschenson, age 18, of Jerusalem Cpl. Gilad Gaon, age 18, of Herzliya Cpl. Ilie Dagan, age 18, of Kochav Yair Cpl. Eitan Peretz, age 18, of Nahariya Lt. Eyal Levy, age 20, of Ashdod Cpl. Yaniv Weiser, age 18, of Givatayim Shabtai Mahpud, age 34, of Moshav Tnuvot - civilian             Feb 6, 1995 Yevgeny Gromov, age 32, of Ashkelon While working as a security guard, Yevgeny was killed when terrorists opened fire from a passing car on the Gaza bypass road between Jabalya and Gaza City as he was escorting a gasoline truck to a Gaza Strip filling station.             Feb 13, 1995 Rafael Cohen, age 35, of Jerusalem Rafael, a taxi driver, was fatally stabbed on the Jerusalem-Ma'aleh Adumim road.             March 19, 1995 Nahum Hoss, age 32, of Hebron Yehuda Fartush, age 41, of Kiryat Arba Nahum and Yehuda were killed when terrorists fired on an Egged bus near the entrance to Hebron .             March 29, 1995           Police Insp. Nitzan Cohen, age 22, of Jerusalem Sgt.-Maj. Jamal Suwitat, age unknown, of Makr village  in Western Galilee Nitzan and Jamal were killed when a Palestinian driver rammed his truck into their jeep in a convoy east of the Netzarim junction in Gaza .             April 9, 1995 Seven Israeli soldiers and one American civilian were killed when a bus was hit by an explosives-laden van near Kfar Darom in the Gaza Strip. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.   The victims: Staff-Sgt. Yuval Regev, age 20, of Holon Staff-Sgt. Meir Scheinwald, age 20, of Safed Sgt. Itai Diener, age 19, of Rishon Lezion; Sgt. Zvi Narbat, age 19, of Rishon Lezion Sgt. Netta Sufrin, age 20, of Rishon Lezion Cpl. Tal Nir, age 19, of Kibbutz Miflasim Sgt. Avraham Arditi, age 19, of Jerusalem Alisa Flatow, age 20, of the United States - civilian   April 13, 1995 A Hamas suicide bomber blew himself up at the Hadera Central Bus Station, killing 5 and injuring 30.             Jul 18, 1995 Ohad Bachrach, age 18, of Beit El Ori Shahor, age 20, of Ra'anana Ohad and Ori were killed while hiking in Wadi Kelt.             Jul 24, 1995    Moshe Shkedi, age 75, of Ramat Gan Rahel Tamari, age 65, of Tel Aviv Zviya Cohen, age 62, of Tel Aviv Zahava Oren, age 60, of Tel Aviv Nehama Lubowitz, age 61, of Tel Aviv Mordechai Tovia, age 37, of Tel Aviv All were killed in a suicide bombing on a bus in Ramat Gan .             Aug 21, 1995   Rivka Cohen, age 26, of Jerusalem Hannah Naeh, age 56, of Jerusalem Joan Davenney, age 46, of Connecticut Noam Eisenman, Police Chief Superintendent, age 35,  of Jerusalem All were killed in a suicide bombing of a Jerusalem bus.   Yona Peter Malina, age 38, Yona was severely wounded from the Aug 21st bombing, he remained paralyzed from the neck down and attached to a respirator for the next ten years. He died on May 30, 2005.             Sept 5, 1995    Daniel Frei, age 28, of Ma'aleh Michmash Daniel was stabbed to death when a terrorist broke into his home at night. 1996 Jan 16, 1996    Sgt. Yaniv Shimel, age unknown, of Jerusalem Major Oz Tibon, age unknown, of Jerusalem Yaniv and Oz were killed when terrorists fired on their car on the Hebron-Jerusalem road.             Jan 30,1996     Staff Sgt. Ehud Tal, age 21, of Kibbutz Maoz Haim Ehud was stabbed to death at the liaison office in an army camp south of Jenin.             Feb 25, 1996   Twenty six people were killed in a suicide bombing of bus No. 18 near the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem , (17 civilians and 9 soldiers).   The civilians killed; Daniel Biton, age 42, of Jerusalem Yitzhak Elbaz, age 57, of Jerusalem Boris Sharpolinsky, age 64, of Jerusalem Semion Trakashvili, age 60, of Jerusalem Yitzhak Yakhnis, age 54, of Jerusalem Peretz Gantz, age 61, of Jerusalem Anatoly Kushnirov, age 36, of Jerusalem Jana Kushnirov, age 37, of Jerusalem Masuda Amar, age 59, of Jerusalem Swietlana Gelezniak, age 32, of Jerusalem Celine Zaguri, age 19, of Jerusalem Navon Shabo, age 22, of Bnei Brak Michael Yerigin, age 16, of Kibbutz Maabarot Matthew Eisenfeld, age 25, of the United States Sara Duker, age 23, of the United States . Wael Kawasmeh, age 23, of East Jerusalem Ira Yitzhak Weinstein, age 53, of Maaleh Adumim   The soldiers killed: Sgt. Yonatan Barnea, age 20, of Jerusalem St-Sgt. Gavriel Krauss, age 24, of Jerusalem St.-Sgt. Gadi Shiloni, age 22, of Jerusalem Cpl. Moshe Reuven, age 19, of Jerusalem St.-Sgt. Maj. (res.) Arye Barashi, age 39, of Jerusalem Cpl. Iliya Nimotin, age 19, of Jerusalem Cpl. Merav Nahum, age 19, of Jerusalem Sgt. Sharon Hanuka, age 19, of Jerusalem Arik Gaby, age 16 (student in pre-army boarding school)  of Jerusalem. HAMAS claimed responsibility for the attack.             Feb 25, 1996 Sgt. Hofit Ayyash, age 20, of Ashdod Hofit was killed in an explosion set off by a suicide bomber at a hitchhiking post outside Ashkelon . HAMAS claimed responsibility for the attack.             Feb 26, 1996   Flora Yehiel, age 28, of Kiryat Ata Flora was killed when a car was driven into a bus stop at the French Hill junction in Jerusalem .             March 3, 1996 In a suicide bombing of bus No. 18 on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem , 19 were killed (16 civilians and 3 soldiers).   The civilians killed: Maya Birkan, age 59, of Jerusalem Naima Zargary, age 66, of Jerusalem Gavriel Shamashvili, age 43, of Jerusalem Shemtov Sheikh, age 63, of Jerusalem Anna Shingeloff, age 36, of Jerusalem Raya Daushvili, age 55, of Jerusalem George Yonan, age 38, of Jerusalem Sarina Angel, age 45, of Beit Jalla Gidi Taspanish, age 23, a tourist from Ethiopia Valerian Krasyon, age 44, a tourist from Romania Dominic Lunca, age 29, Romanian worker Daniel Patenka, age 33, Romanian worker Marian Grefan, age 40, Romanian worker Mirze Gifa, age 39, Romanian worker Dimitru Kokarascu, age 43, Romanian worker Imar Ambrose, age 51, of Romania , died on March 9.   The soldiers killed: Sgt. Yoni Levy, age 21, of Jerusalem Sgt. Haim Amedi, age 19, of Jerusalem Senior NCO Uzi Cohen, age 54, border policeman of Jerusalem .             March 4, 1996 Outside Dizengoff Center in Tel-Aviv, a suicide bomber detonated a 20-kilogram nail bomb, killing 13 (12 civilians and 1 soldier):   Bat-Hen Shahak, age 15, of Tel Mond Hadas Dror, age 15, of Tel Mond Kobi Zaharon, age 13, of Tel Aviv Inbar Atiya, age 21, of Ramat-Efal Dan Tversky, age 58, of Tel Aviv Dana Gutman, age 14, of Moshav Mishmeret Yovav Levy, age 13, of Tel Aviv Leah Mizrahi, age 60, of Tel Aviv Tali Gordon, age 24, of Givatayim Rahel Sela, age 82, of Tel Aviv Sylvia Bernstein, age age 73, of Hod Hasharon Gail Belkin, age 48, of Herzliya St.-Sgt. Assaf Wachs, age 21, of Holon .             May 14, 1996  David Reuven Boim, age 17 David, a yeshiva high school student in Beit El, was killed when terrorists fired at students at a hitchhiking post at Beil El, near Ramallah.             June 9, 1996    Yaron Unger, age 26, of Kiryat Arba Efrat Unger, age 25, of Kiryat Arba, Yaron and Efrat were killed when terrorists fired on their car near Beit Shemesh.             June 16, 1996  First-Sgt. Meir Alush, age 40 Meir, an off-duty policeman, was shot and killed in a toy store in the village of Bidiya .             June 26, 1996  Staff Sgt. (Res.) Asher Berdugo, age 22, of Kiryat Bialik Sgt. Ashraf Shibli, age 20, of Shibli Cpl. (Res.) Ya'acov Turgeman, age unknown, of Rishon Lezion.  Asher, Ashraf, and Ya'acov, were killed in an ambush along the Jordan River north of Jericho by terrorists who infiltrated from Jordan .             July 26, 1996   Uri Munk, age 53, of Moshav Mevo Betar Rachel Munk, age 24, of Moshav Mevo Betar, (Munk’s daughter-in-law) .  Uri and Rachel were killed in a drive-by shooting attack near Beit Shemesh. Ze'ev Munk, age 30, of Moshav Mevo Betar, (Rachel's husband) was critically wounded and died in the hospital the following week.             Dec 11, 1996   Etta Tzur, 48, Ephraim Tzur, 12 (Etta’s son) Etta and Ephraim were killed when their car was shot at by terrorists near Surda, west of Beit El.     1997 March 21, 1997           Michal Avrahami, age 32 Yael Gilad, age 32 Anat Winter-Rosen, age 32 Michael, Yael, and Anat were killed when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb on the terrace of a Tel Aviv cafe. 48 people were wounded.             April 10, 1997 IDF Staff-Sgt. Sharon Edri      Sharon ’s body missing for seven months, was found buried near the West Bank village of Kfar Tzurif . Edri had been kidnapped and killed by a Hamas terrorist cell in September 1996 while hitchhiking to his home in Moshav Zanoah.             April 25, 1997 Hagit Zavitzky, age 23, of Kfar Adumim Liat Kastiel, age 23, of Holon Hagit and Liat were found stabbed to death in Wadi Kelt nature reserve.             July 20, 1997 An Arab attacked two Israelis with an iron rod in Rishon L'Tzion. One of the Israelis later died of his wounds.   July 22, 1997 An Israeli Arab tried to run down a group of tourists from England and Canada in Jaffa and then attacked them with a knife. Eleven tourists were wounded.     July 30, 1997   16 people were killed and 178 wounded in two consecutive suicide bombings in the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem :   The victims: Lev Desyatnik, age 60, of Jerusalem Regina Giber, age 76, of Jerusalem Valentina Kovalenko, age 67, of Jerusalem Shmuel Malka, age 44, of Mevaseret Zion David Nasco, age 44, of Mevaseret Zion Muhi A-din Othman, age 33, of Abu Ghosh Simha Fremd, age 92, of Jerusalem Grisha Paskhovitz, age 15, of Jerusalem Leah Stern, age 50, of Jerusalem Rachel Tejgatrio, age 80, of Jerusalem Liliya Zelezniak, age 47, of Jerusalem Shalom (Golan) Zevulun, age 52, of Jerusalem Mark Rabinowitz, age 80, of Jerusalem . Eli Adourian, age 49, of Kfar Adumim, died on August 11. Ilia Gazrach, age 73, of Pisgat Ze'ev, died on August 29. Baruch Ostrovsky, age 84, of Jerusalem died on October 3.             Sept 4, 1997    Five people were killed and 181 wounded in three suicide bombings on the Ben-Yehuda pedestrian mall in Jerusalem .   The victims: Yael Botwin, age 14, of Jerusalem Sivan Zarka, age 14, of Jerusalem Smadar Elhanan, age 14, of Jerusalem Rami Kozashvili, age 20, of Jerusalem Eliahu Markowitz, age 40, of Jerusalem .             Nov 19, 1997  Gabriel Hirschberg, age 26 Gabriel was killed by automatic gunfire in the Old City of Jerusalem.               1998 Jan 6, 1998      Yael Meivar, age 25 Yael died of gunshot wounds sustained in a terrorist attack on Dec 31, 1997 near the settlement of Alei Zahav in Samaria .             Feb 11, 1998   David Ktorza, age 40, of Jerusalem David was stabbed to death near his home.   April 19, 1998 Dov Driben, age 28, of Maon Dov, an American-Israeli farmer, was murdered by Arab terrorists near the Israeli town of Maon in the Hevron Hills.   May 6, 1998    Haim Kerman, age 28 Haim, a student at the Atert Cohanim Yeshiva, was stabbed to death in the Old City of Jerusalem.             Aug 5, 1998     Harel Bin-Nun, age 18 Shlomo Liebman, age 24 Harel and Shlomo were shot and killed in an ambush by terrorists while on patrol at the Yizhar settlement in Samaria .             Aug 20, 1998   Rabbi Shlomo Ra'anan, age 63 Rabbi Shlomo was stabbed to death in the bedroom of his caravan in Hebron. The terrorist escaped after detonating a fire bomb inside the home.   August 27, 1998 Twelve people were wounded by a bomb detonated in front of the Tel Aviv Great Synagogue   September 24, 1998 One Israeli was wounded by bomb explosion at a public bus stop near the Hebrew University in Jerusalem .             September 30, 1998 During Yom Kippur, fourteen IDF soldiers and eleven Arabs were wounded by two grenades thrown in Hebron .   Oct 9, 1998     Michal Adato, age 19 Michal, an IDF soldier, was stabbed to death at Moshav Tomer in the Jordan Valley .             Oct 14, 1998   Itamar Doron, age 24 Itamar was shot to death while swimming in a spring near Moshav Ora, outside Jerusalem .   October 19, 1998 59 people are wounded when a Hamas terrorist hurled two grenades into a crowd at the Central bus station before running from the scene.             Oct 26, 1998   Danny Vargas, age 29, of Kiryat Arba Danny was shot to death in Hebron .             Oct 29, 1998        Sergeant Alexey Neykov, age 19 Alexey was killed when a terrorist drove an explosives-laden car into an Israeli army jeep escorting a bus with 40 elementary school students from the settlement of Kfar Darom in the Gaza Strip. November 6, 1998 Two terrorists died when their bombs prematurely exploded in a failed suicide bombing attack in Mahane Yehuda marketplace in Jerusalem. There were no other casualties.     1999 Jan 13, 1999    Sergeant Yehoshua Gavriel, 25, of Ashdod Yehoshua was killed when terrorists opened fire at the Othniel junction near Hebron . August 3, 1999 Baruch Ben-Yaakov and Ephraim Rosenstein were wounded by terrorists near Hevron.   August 7, 1999 Edward Berdinchinsky, age unknown Edward was found shot in the head and burned to death in his car. Police announced on February 29, 2000 that the attack was a terrorist attack.   August 10, 1999 Eitan Vaknin, of Dotan, was wounded in an ambush while driving home and hospitalized in Afula. The terrorists escaped into the area controlled by the Palestinian Authority.   August 15, 1999 A Hamas bomb attack in an office building in Netanya injured about 20.    August 30, 1999          Yehiel Finfeter, age 25, of Kiryat Motzkin, Sharon Steinmetz, age 21, of Haifa Yehiel and Sharon were killed while hiking in the forest in the Megiddo region.   Sept 5, 1999 One unknown terrorist was killed when his car bomb exploded prematurely in Haifa .   Sept 5, 1999 Two civilians were wounded when a car bomb exploded in Tiberias.   Oct 30, 1999 Five Israelis were wounded by terrorist gunfire directed at a bus three kilometers from the Tarkumiya Checkpoint in the Hevron Hills area.     Nov 7, 1999 30 Israelis (28 civilians and 2 soldiers) were wounded when three bombs placed in garbage receptacles at the intersection of Herzl and Shar Haggai Streets in Natanya.     2000 February 9, 2000 Dov Weiss, of Givat Ze’ev Gabriella Weiss, of Givat Ze’ev, (Dov’s wife) Dov and Gabriella were found bludgeoned to death in their home. Police confirmed that the attack was a terrorist killing.     February 27, 2000 Gadi Rejwan, of Jerusalem Gadi was shot to death by one of the Arab workers in his factory located in the Atarot Industrial Park in Jerusalem .   April 27, 2000 Efrat Lesser, age 17, resident of Elon Moreh  Efrat was shot by terrorists and suffered a head wound.   May 7, 2000 Yaakov Manzor, aged 9 Yitzhak Manzor, aged 17, (Yakov's brother) Yaakov and Yitzhak were stabbed repeatedly in the chest and abdomen in Jerusalem .     May 21, 2000 Shalev Shabbat, aged 2, was critically burned and the child’s mother Segal Egozi was injured in a firebomb attack in Jericho .     June 20, 2000 A roadside bomb was detonated as a vehicles passed on the Netzarim/Karnei Road in the Gaza Strip. One person was wounded.   July 23, 2000 Arabs attacked and stabbed a Jerusalem municipality inspector near the Damascus Gate.   Sept 27, 2000  Sgt. David Biri, age 19, of Jerusalem David was fatally wounded in a bombing near Netzarim in the Gaza Strip.             Sept 29, 2000  Yosef Tabeja, Border Police Supt. , age 27, of Ramle Yosef was shot to death by his Palestinian counterpart on a joint patrol near Kalkilya.             Oct 1, 2000     Madhat Yusuf, Border Police Cpl., age 19, of Beit Jann Madhat died of gunshot wounds sustained in a gun battle with Palestinians at Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus .             Oct 2, 2000     Wichlav Zalsevsky, age 24, of Ashdod Wichlav was shot in the head in the village of Masha on the trans-Samaria highway.   Oct 2, 2000 Sgt. Max Hazan, age 20, of Dimona Max died of gunshot injuries sustained near Beit Sahur.             Oct 8, 2000 Hillel Lieberman, age 36, of Elon Moreh Hillel’s bullet-riddled body of was found at the southern entrance to Nablus .             Oct 12, 2000   First Cpl. Yosef Avrahami, age unknown First Sgt. Vadim Norzhich, age 33 Yosef and Vadim, both reserve IDF soldiers, were lynched by a Palestinian mob at the police building in Ramallah.             Oct 19, 2000   Rabbi Binyamin Herling, age 64, of Kedumim Rabbi Binyamin was killed when Fatah members and Palestinian security forces opened fire on a group of Israeli men, women, and children on a trip at Mount Ebal near Nablus .             Oct 28, 2000 Marik Gavrilov, age 25, of Bnei Aysh            Marik’s body was found inside his burned-out car, between the village of Bitunia and Ramallah.             Oct 30, 2000   Eish-Kodesh Gilmor, age 25, of Mevo Modi’in Eish-Kodesh was shot and killed while on duty as a security guard at the National Insurance Institute’s East Jerusalem branch. Another guard was injured.   Oct 30, 2000 Amos Machlouf, age 30, of the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem Amos was found killed in a ravine near Beit Jala             Nov 1, 2000    Lt. David-Hen Cohen, age 21, of Karmiel Sgt. Shlomo Adshina, age 20, of Kibbutz Ze’elim David and Shlomo were killed in a shooting incident in the Al-Hader area, near Bethlehem .             Nov 1, 2000 Maj. (res.) Amir Zohar, age 34, of Jerusalem Amir was killed in the Nahal Elisha settlement in the Jordan Valley while on active reserve duty. Nov 2, 2000 Ayelet Shahar Levy, age 28 Hanan Levy, age 33 Ayelet and Hanan were killed in a car bomb explosion near the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem . 10 people were injured in the blast. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.   Nov 8, 2000 Noa Dahan, age 25, of Moshav Mivtahim in the south Noa was shot to death while driving to her job at the Rafah border crossing in Gaza . Nov 10, 2000 Sgt. Shahar Vekret, age 20, of Lod Shahar.  Shahar was fatally shot by a Palestinian sniper near Rachel’s Tomb at the entrance to Bethlehem .   Nov 11, 2000 Sgt. 1st Class Avner Shalom, age 28, of Eilat Avner was killed in a shooting attack at the Gush Katif junction in the Gaza Strip.   Nov 13, 2000 Sarah Leisha, age 42, of Neveh Tzuf Sarah was killed by gunfire from a passing car while traveling near Ofra, north of Ramallah.   Nov 13, 2000 Cpl. Elad Wallenstein, age 18, of Ashkelon Cpl. Amit Zanna, age 19, of Netanya Elad and Amit were killed by gunfire from a car passing the military bus carrying them near Ofra.   Nov 13, 2000 Gabi Zaghouri, age 36, of Netivot Gabi was killed by gunfire directed at the truck he was driving near the Kissufim junction in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.   Nov 18, 2000 St.-Sgt. Baruch (Snir) Flum, age 21, of Tel-Aviv Snir was shot and killed by a senior Palestinian Preventive Security Service officer who infiltrated the Kfar Darom greenhouses in the Gaza Strip.   Nov 18, 2000 St.-Sgt. Sharon Shitoubi, age 21, of Ramle Sharon was wounded in the Palestinian shooting attack in Kfar Darom, he died of his wounds on Nov 20.   Nov 20, 2000 Miriam Amitai, age 35, of Kfar Darom Gavriel Biton, age 34, of Kfar Darom Miriam and Gavriel were killed when a roadside bomb exploded alongside a bus carrying children from Kfar Darom to school in Gush Katif. Nine others, including 5 children, were injured.   Nov 21, 2000 Itamar Yefet, age 18, of Netzer Hazani Itamar died from a gunshot wound to the head by Palestinian sniper fire at the Gush Katif junction.   Nov 22, 2000 Shoshana Reis, age 21, of Hadera Meir Bahrame, age 35, of Givat Olga Shoshana and Meir were killed, and 60 wounded when a powerful car bomb was detonated alongside a passing bus on Hadera’s main street. The area was packed with shoppers and people driving home from work.   Nov 23, 2000 Lt. Edward Matchnik, age 21, of Beersheba Edward was killed in an explosion at the District Coordination Office near Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip. (The joint DCOs were established at the borders of Palestinian-ruled areas under the interim peace accords and were responsible for coordinating security and humanitarian cooperation.)   Nov 23, 2000 Sgt. Samar Hussein, age 19, of Hurfeish Samar was killed when Palestinian snipers opened fire at soldiers patrolling the border fence near the Erez crossing.   Nov 24, 2000 Maj. Sharon Arameh, age 25, of Ashkelon Sharon was killed by Palestinian sniper fire in fighting near Neve Dekalim in the Gaza Strip.   Nov 24, 2000 Ariel Jeraffi, age 40, of Petah Tikva Ariel, a civilian employed by the IDF, was killed by Palestinian gun fire as he traveled near Otzarin in the West Bank .   Dec 8, 2000 Rina Didovsky, age 39 Eliyahu Ben-Ami, age 41, of Otniel, Rina, a school teacher on her way to work, and Eliyahu, the driver of the van were both killed when a car full of gunmen opened fire on the van near Kiryat Arba.   Dec 8, 2000 Sgt. Tal Gordon, age 19 Tal was killed when gunmen in a passing car opened fire on an Egged bus traveling south from Tiberias to Jerusalem on the Jericho bypass road.   Dec 21, 2000 Eliahu Cohen, age 29, of Modi’in Eliahu was shot and killed by Palestinian terrorists waiting in ambush on the road between Givat Ze’ev and Beit Horon.   Dec 28, 2000 Capt. Gad Marasha, age 30, of Kiryat Arba Yonatan Vermullen, Border Police Sgt.-Maj. , age 29, of Ben-Shemen Gad and Yonatan were killed when called to dismantle a road-side bomb near the Sufa crossing in the Gaza Strip. The bomb was dismantled, however, a second bomb exploded, killing both and injuring two other soldiers. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.   Dec 31, 2000 Binyamin Zeev Kahane, age unknown Talia Kahane, age unknown, (Binyamin's wife) Binyamin, the son of the late right-wing leader Meir Kahane, and his wife, Talia, were killed when Palestinian snipers opened fire while they were driving on the Ramallah bypass road. Five of their children, aged two months to 10 years, were injured.

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